General FAQs

General FAQs

Here are commonly asked questions and our answers:

We have a large alcohol plant and need X-tons a month. How much can you supply?
We believe we can supply customers with whatever they need, and have always managed to do so.

How long is it between the delivery time and the time you ship?
Normally 2-5 weeks.

What are your selling tems?
Payment before production or Irrevocable Letter of Credit.

We want to re-pack your Turbo Yeast to consumer packing for the home rice wine and home distillation market. Can we do that?
We can pack the Turbo Yeast in sachets for you, any size. For 25 liter fermentations we have neutral sachets in stock. If you do it yourself: an opened sack will be packed directly, and relative humidity Max 20% (dry air athmospere) and air temperature Max 20°C. If there is too much moisture in the sachet, the nutrients will kill the yeast.

How old is your company?
We started 1974 and still have the same owner, Gert Strand.

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