Using Slants or Similar?

Using slants or micro amounts of yeast in older distillery?

Do you use slants or very small amounts of yeast (100-1000 grams), and you propagate and propagate, generation after generation? Example: A slant flask (or 100 gram yeast), 50-liter yeast tank, 500-liter yeast tank, 2000-liter yeast tank, 15000-liter aerated pre-fermenting tank, 200,000-liter fermentor or larger.

The fact is that the yeast get weaker and weaker, mutating and competing with all other organisms that the penicillin does not catch and kill. And these organisms duplicate six times faster than yeast.

Replace the slants with our bacteria free yeast strain and use micro nutrients in all pre fermentations and you will see a huge difference.

Run a test

We have 90-gram sachets of yeast for you. You will start with a "Turbo Charged" bacteria free, high alcohol, high solids (to ferment stronger mash) and high temperature tolerant yeast strain selected for high yield alcohol production. It's a strain that does not get stuck when it gets hot in fermentor - it only works faster. You can order a 9 pack or 19 pack with low freight costs by clicking here. You can order 1 kg/5 kg Micro nutrients and test from our on-line shop.

It’s not about cost: it’s about profit

You can continue using small packings of our yeast as starters and take advantage of improvements. We are happy to supply you also on a small scale.

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