Grape Tannin

Grape Tannin

Product Name: Grape tannin

Product Code: STR02ACI001

Description: Pure French grape tannin which brings intensity, structure and body to the wine. It also helps to stabilize the color of red wines. The effect Tannin has on wine is to add astringency. When a wine has too much Tannin, it can be called "tannic." Some people describe excess Tannin as "fur on the tongue." Therefore, it is very important to not exceed the dosage.

Improves protein stability of all wines.
Improves color stability of red wines.
Enhances the anti-oxidant power of SO2.

Application: Suitable for all styles of wine.

Instruction for Use: Dissolve Tannin in hot water and add to finished wine. Mix thoroughly after addition to ensure equal distribution.

Ingredient Declaration: Tannin

Suggested dosage: 20-100 g per 1000 liters for red wines and 10-50 g per 1000 liters for white wines.

Safety data: Do not breathe dust.

Packaging: 100 g sachets or 10 kilo boxes.

Shelf Life / Storage: 1 year if stored unopened in original packaging away from light and humidity. Once opened, use within 6 months.

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