Product Name: Chitosan

Product Code: 02FIN001STR

Description: High purity chitosan solution.

Rapid interaction with yeast cells.
Strong flocculent action.

Application: Normally used in conjunction with Kieselsol/Silicic acid for the clarification of fermented beverages.

Instruction for Use: Add to wine after stabilization, once the wine has been degassed, and stir gently. If being used in conjunction with Kieselsol/Silicic acid, add 2 hours after Kieselsol/Silicic acid addition.

Ingredient Declaration: Chitosan.

Suggested dosage: 4 kg per 1000 liters of must.

Safety Data: Avoid contact with eyes - if eye contact occurs, rinse with plenty of water and if necessary consult an eye specialist. Avoid contact with skin - if skin contact occurs, wash immediately with plenty of water.

Packaging: 25 liter container or 1000 liter one-way continer.

Shelf Life / Storage: 12 months.

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