Fuel Ethanol

Fuel ethanol does not have to be made in large quantities and in any country whether western or developing it can be made in small quantities. We have made 3 draft for suitable distillers (simple still - good still - great still) made from an oil drum of which can also be done for food grade alcohol. The drum and equipment has to be made from stainless steel with lead free (food grade) welding.

As farmers have very little to no income in the winter, they can ferment feed stock (any stock that contains carbohydrates from palm to molasses) in 200 liter drums and distill even using a simple fire as heating. This produces a “raw ethanol” of some where between 50-96% strength.

This is then purchased and delivered to a larger company who pay for the raw ethanol based on volume and ethanol %. These firms then distill the raw ethanol once again to separate the water out so to produce a 99.5% fuel ethanol.

This idea will create many millionaires who own the raw ethanol purchasing companies who may also deliver the yeast and enzymes to the farmers.

For this process we can supply you with the best yeast available. Yeast that works in any country no matter the temperature, which can handle much mishandling (if this were to occur) and packed in the sizes that suits your business model and budget.

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