We produce the world's largest assortment of essences, and as far as we know, the world's highest quality.

We supply essence for everything from liquors like gin, rum, aquavit and whisky, to fine liqueurs, bitters, semi bitters, fruit vodkas and candy shots. We produce over 200 different essences from stock.

Never compare an essence with a flavor. A flavor is simple and rough compared to an essence. Our essences often contain different natural (some times nature-identical) flavors. But on top of this we have natural extracts from our own production, natural oils, herb extract, oak extract, etc. Our simplest essence contains eight different ingredients - one is a flavor.

A flavor is simply a flavor, an ingredient. Flavors are often synthetic - we use no synthetic flavor at all in our products - and never will. Essences cost more than flavors - but you get a product that often is 20 times better. Quality is not cheap - it is priceless.

If you have a small distillery, your best chance is to compete with quality. Our essences usually beat leading brands, especially with fruit vodkas and fine liqueurs, in double blind tests.

If you have a large distillery and use our high-quality essences, it will be close to impossible for any competitor to take market from you.

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