Distillery Instruments

Distillery Instruments

Gert Strand can supply you with the highest quality instruments from Germany. Our range is mostly aimed toward smaller distilleries, since larger distilleries generally have their own supply of instruments, or large laboratories with gascromatography, HPLC, etc. If you have a local small distillery or a micro distillery, you can manage with those instruments. The alcohol meters only measure mixtures of alcohol and water by recalculating the s.g. to an alcohol percentage scale.

Maximum thermometer +10 - +100°C
Excellent accuracy. This thermometer shows the highest temperature achieved and stays there. Then one has to "shake" or "whip" the mercury down again, as with a fever thermometer. With this thermometer one can watch to see that the temperature in the fermentation does not reach killing temperature or pass "quality" temperature when fermenting mash or a base for alcoholic beverages. It's a good instrument for old, traditional distilleries without the latest technology to make sure that the mash does not reach killing temperature. Length 20 cm.

Distillation thermometer -10 - +110°C
Calibrated at 78C. 1/1 accuracy. Length 25 cm.

Distillation thermometer +50 - +100°C
1/5 accuracy (0.2C). Length 30 cm.

Specific Gravity hydrometer with Oechslescale
To check s.g. when fermentation starts, monitor fermentation and check to see that the mash ferments out. Length 30 cm.

Alcoholmeter 0-100%, 1/1 graduation
This aerometer measures the alcohol relatively well. It is one of the best 0-100% alcoholmeters in the world, German made, 30 cm long so the scale is long enough for good reading. Calibrated at 20°C.

Alcoholmeter 30-60% with thermometer, 1/10 graduation
This alcoholmeter gives a very accurate reading. Read the alcohol percentage. Check the temperature of the thermometer. Then look at the correction scale directly on thermometer, how much to adjust the reading. This works fine for all distilleries, easy to handle and accurate.

Alcoholmeter 0-30% 30 cm
For local distilleries that have no gascromatography and want to check alcohol content in mash. Ebullometer seldom show accurate ethanol content in mash, when it is important (fermentation improvement) it can not be used, then this instrument is a lot better. Take 250 ml mash, distill over half, fill up with water to the original 250 ml, and then measure the alcohol/water mix. Length 30 cm. EasyStill is a great small 4 liter still for laboratory and hobby, low price and fan cooled, recommended for this distillation and test distillations.

Test jar 250 ml, long
A good jar for the alcohol meters above. Long enough for 30 cm instruments.

Alcoholmeter 35-45%, large distillery alcoholmeter with thermometer
Very accurate, German top quality. Same as used (certified) by government for official control in Germany and other countries. 40 cm long. Calibrated at 20°C, accuracy 1/10%. Read the alcohol percentage and the temperature, then look it up in the correction table and get the absolute accurate percentage.

The instrument is so good that one must pay a great deal extra to have us get it with an official state Certificate in Germany. But why spend the extra money? The instrument has this accuracy even without the certificate. The certificate only cost extra, the instrument is the same. This only applies in Germany anyway and is only a piece of paper. The alcoholmeter is extremely accurate when it is delivered. You can download the correction schedule here here as a PDF document.

Alcoholmeter 90-100% with thermometer, 1/10 graduation 45 cm
Very accurate, German top quality. Same as used (certified) by government for official control in Germany and other countries. Length 45 cm.

Test jar 1000 ml, long, without graduation
A good jar for the large alcohol meters above. Long enough for those instruments.

Minimum - Maximum wall thermometer

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