Granular Sodium Bentonite


Product: Granular Sodium Bentonite

Appearance:  Fine grey-green granules.

Description:  Fine granular sodium bentonite.

Characteristics:   Removes unwanted colloidal proteins and excess tannins from wine.
Gentle absorption ensures minimal effect on wine quality.
Ensures good protein stability.
Does not confer unwanted clay flavours.
Can also be used as an absorbent along with activated carbon and  silicon dioxide to minimise off-flavours and aromas in fermented  alcobase.

Application:  Fining agent for use in the production of all styles of wine.
Can also be used in conjunction with activated carbon and activated silicon dioxide to minimise off-flavours and aromas in the production of fermented  alcobase.

Suggested Dosage: For winemaking: 0.650 kg per 1000L of must.
For alcobase: 1.2 kg per 1000L of ferment.

Ingredient Declaration:  Sodium bentonite

Instructions for use:  Add direct to sugar substrate solution in fermentation vessel and mix, providing vessel has mixing facility.
If fermentation vessel has no mixing facility then add to 10 times its weight of warm water (30-40ºC).
Mix for 5 minutes then add into the sugar solution.
Add before yeast, leave in contact throughout fermentation and remove with sediment when racking.

General Safety Information:  Non-hazardous.
This information is only an indication of the main hazard(s) concerning this material.
A material safety data sheet is available upon request.

Shelf Life / Storage: Unlimited shelf life stored in sealed packaging in a cool dark place.

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