Tri-Sodium Citrate

Tri-Sodium Citrate

Product Name: Tri-Sodium Citrate

Product Code: STR02MIS002

Description: White crystalline powder.

Characteristics: N/A

Application: To increase the pH of must after additional acid or use of very acid fruits. For wine fermentation and fruit schnapps mash fermentations. Tri-sodium citrate is only added to raise the pH if necessary after all acid has been added - whether natural acid from the fruit or added acid in the form of Tartaric acid, citric acid, or malic acid, etc.

Instruction for Use: Dissolve required amount into a small volume of must. Add to bulk of must prior to fermentation and stir well.

Ingredient Declaration: Acidity regulator: Tri-Sodium Citrate (E331).

Suggested dosage: Various dosages to achieve pH range of 3.0-3.5.

Safety Data: Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid breathing large amounts of dust. Wash away spillage with water.

Packaging: 25 kilo in sacks.

Shelf Life / Storage: 3 years stored in a cool dark place.

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