Turbo Yeast For Distilleries

Turbo Yeast For Distilleries

Does your distillery have problems with yeast? Many years ago our company produced the first Turbo yeast, consumer packed for the hobby market in Scandinavia. We have been supplying Turbo yeast to distilleries for years. Turbo yeast is comprised of a mix of extremely alcohol-tolerant yeast and complex nutrients that quickly ferment mash into alcohol.

Turbo Yeast:

  • Ferments sugar, corn, molasses, barley, wheat, potato waste, etc.
  • Faster fermentation - higher production with the same production costs.
  • Has high temperature tolerance: +40C for 14%, 38C for 16-17%.
  • Has high alcohol tolerance, easily fermenting to 17%.
  • Has purer fermentation: 1% less fusel replaced by pure alcohol, saving 2% sugar from being wasted.
  • Contains no wild yeast and no bacteria: you always have good results.
  • Produces 17% alcohol using the same amount of nutrients as normally used in weaker mash.
  • Tolerates more solids and sugar concentrations - top osmotic tolerance.
  • Stands more heat - makes 16-17% in 38C liquid without problem.
  • Pure fermentation - often 1 liter more alcohol per 100 liters.

We have been consulted to solve problems having to do with:

  • Stuck fermentation
  • Too low an alcohol yield
  • Impure fermentation
  • Too low sugar-to-alcohol conversion
  • Quality problems or taste problems

So far, we have always ended up solving the problem.

Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast

This is an osmo-tolerant (high sugar concentration) and temperature-tolerant Turbo yeast that ferments very pure to 17% and tolerates extreme stress.

Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast is delivered in 25-kg sacks. You can test order a 25-kg sack; do a test run and compare with your current yeast. Regular orders are always produced after you order (to give you the freshest possible yeast). Dosage is 3.6 kg to 1000 liters fermentation.

For more info about our Turbo yeast, click here.

Other solutions to a common problem

The most appreciated product is the Micro Nutrients - and it works with all yeast strains. Some clients call them "Miracle Nutrients". By using micro nutrients in pre fermentation the yeast cells grow to be extremely strong and healthy. There fore, the yeast perform better in fermentor, giving a better fermentation that complete to dryness. On top of this, it often happen that one get 0.2-0.8% stronger mash because yeast is strong enough to ferment to lower dryness.


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