How to Test Turbo Yeast

Testing Turbo Yeast

Turbo yeast is completely different from ordinary yeast. Turbo Yeast is a mix of nutrients and a special yeast strain. Treating this yeast as normal yeast will kill or harm the yeast. There are 3 things that must never happen:

1. Never dissolve the 90 g Turbo Yeast sample in less than 25 liter mash
There are some ingredients that are mixed in, for example, 2 grams per 1000 kg, 2 ppm of 90 grams. If you take a smaller amount of yeast, this single grain will be missing and test results will be wrong.
Do this: mix 25 liters mash and the 90-gram sample of yeast for 3-5 minutes. Then immediately take your laboratory sample, for example 1-5 liters, from this mash.
2. Never dissolve Turbo Yeast in water
If you use a small amount of water, nutrients start to kill the yeast. If you use a large amount of water, after 15 minutes the osmotic pressure inside the yeast cells is so much higher than outside that the yeast cells start to explode and die.
3. Never add Turbo yeast to a smaller volume of mash
Turbo yeast must be added directly to mash. Do not add more Turbo yeast than the dosage. The nutrients will make such a high osmotic pressure that yeast cells will be hurt or killed.

This can happen to anyone while making laboratory test. So be very observant.

The Ferment Clean Yeast and the yeast strain plain is not Tubo Yeast and the info above does not refer to it.

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