Product Name: Pectinase

Product Code: 02ENZ003STR

Appearance: Creamish to tan lump microgranulate.

Description: High-activity granulated pectolytic enzyme preparation for breaking down fruit cell wall structure and removing pectin. High activity food grade pectolytic enzyme preparation derived from Aspergillus niger.

Enzyme Activity: 40-45.000 AVJP/g

Carrier/Dilutent: Maltodextrin


Arsenic: not more than 3ppm
Lead: not more than 5ppm
Cadium: not more than 0.5ppm
Mercury: not more than 0.5ppm
Heavy Metals: not more than 30ppm
Micotoxins: negative by test
Antibacterial Activity: negative by test
Total Viable Count: not more than 5.10(4) per g
Salmonella: negative in 25g
Coliforms: not more than 30 per g
E. Coli: negative in 25g
Staphylococcus: negative in 1g
Sulphate Reducers: not more than 30 per g

Characteristics: N/A

Application: For use in fermentations using fruit, to break down fruit cell wall structure and removing pectin.

Instruction for use: Add enzyme to a fruit, water, and sugar (if applicable) mixture that is less than half of the total fermentation volume and is at a temperature of approximately 50°C or below. After addition of enzyme, let stand for 2 hours before topping up to required volume.

Ingredient Declaration: Enzyme - Pectinase

Suggested dosage: 40 g per 1000 liters.

Safety Data: Repeated inhalation of enzyme dust, resulting from improper handling, may induce sensitization and may cause allergic-type reactions in sensitive individuals. Prolonged skin contact may cause minor irritation.

Packaging: 15 kg in sacks.

Shelf Life / Storage: 12 months stored in a cool dark place.


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