Ferment Clean Yeast

High Yield, Pure Fermenting Yeast For Distilleries

Product Name: Ferment Clean

Product Code: HYC1
Product appearance: Light tan granular powder.

Description: High purity yeast strain, especially designed for higher alcohol yield (more alcohol then other yeast from the same mash) and extremely pure fermentation. This strain must never be used over 30ºC or over 15% alcohol.
Note: this is not Turbo yeast.

Relative density: 0.5g/ml.

Very clean mash taste.
Rapid fermentation rate.
Very high alcohol yield.
Very low volatile production.
Ferments at temperatures of up to 30ºC.
Guaranteed production of up to 16% alcohol, but max 15% is recomended for maximum purity.

Application: For fermentation of all kinds of mash for production of alcohol.

Instruction for Use: Sprinkle onto surface of mash and let stand for 15 minutes before stirring.

Ingredient Declaration: Dried Yeast.

Suggested dosage: 200 to 1000 grams per 1000 liters, dependent upon strength and rate required.

Safety Data: Non-hazardous. Avoid breathing dust.

Packaging: 10 kg in sacks.

Shelf Life / Storage: 2 years stored in original packaging below 25ºC.

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