Whisky Yeast

Whisky Yeast For Distilleries

Product Name: Prestige Whisky Yeast.

Product Code: 02YST007STR

Packaging: 10 kg in sacks.

Appearance: Light tan granular powder.

Relative Density: 0.50-0.58g/ml

Description: A distillers yeast especially selected for use in whisky production.

Rapid fermentation rate. Ferments between 20º and 30ºC air temperature.
Total bacteria: <1x 104 cfu/g.
Application: For use in whisky production.
Suggested Dosage: 20-100g/hl dependent upon strength and rate required.

Ingredient Declaration: Yeast.

Instructions for use: Add yeast directly to substrate at between 20-30ºC and mix well.

Safety Data: Non-hazardous (safety data sheet available upon request).

Shelf Life / Storage: Store in its original packaging below 25ºC for minimum 1 year.


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