How Turbo Yeast Works

How Turbo Yeast Works

Normal Yeast Cell Turbo Charged (activated) Yeast Cell

Turbo Charged Yeast (Turbo Yeast) is a Swedish invention. A special temperature- and alcohol-tolerant yeast strain is fed with unique micro- and macro nutrients that provide nitrogen, vitamins, and minerals in a special formula. Those nutrients are mixed with the yeast and “Turbo Charge” the yeast. This means that Turbo yeast gets extremely strong, and vital. It withstands extreme stress from osmotic pressure, temperature, alcohol content in mash and it performs at its peak at the end of fermentation.

A Turbo Charged yeast cell outperforms any ordinary yeast cell. Sometimes one to three times better.

How to use Turbo Yeast

Distilleries that use yeast directly in the mash
Use Turbo Yeast directly in mash to achieve up to 17% alcohol. Do not add any nutrients, pH adjustments, anti foam etc.: only Turbo yeast.

Distilleries that make a pre fermentation
Start an pre fermentation and grow up the yeast to maximum cells per ml or any numbers you do today. Transfer this slurry to a larger batch of mash, where it is used as yeast. This gives great savings in yeast cost. If your distillery re use the yeast in pre fermentor, add micro nutrients 0.1 gram/liter to all pre fermentations. Then you will see why clients call them "Miracle nutrients".

Turbo yeast solves problem with:

  • Stuck fermentation from over heating and several other reasons
  • Too low an alcohol yield
  • Impure fermentation
  • Too low sugar-to-alcohol conversion
  • Quality problems or taste problems

Turbo yeast benefits:

  • Ferments corn, molasses, sugar, barley, wheat, potato waste, etc.
  • Faster fermentation - higher production to the same production costs. Has high temperature tolerance: 40°C for 14%, 38°C for 17%.
  • Has high alcohol tolerance, easily fermenting to 16-17%.
  • Has purer fermentation: 1% less fusel replaced by pure alcohol, saving 2% sugar from being wasted.
  • Contains no wild yeast and no bacteria: you always have good results.
  • Produces 17% alcohol using the same amount of nutrients as normally used in weaker mash.
  • Stands more solids and sugar concentrations - top osmotic tolerance.
  • Stands more heat - makes 17% in 38°C corn or sugar mash without problem.
  • Pure fermentation - often 1 liter more alcohol per 100 liters.

Other ways to speed fermentation

If you are not happy with your fermentation speed, please contact us. We will help you speed up your fermentation by optimizing micro nutrients, macro nutrients, yeast, procedures, temperature etc., first in your laboratory and then in a full-scale test.


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