Activated Silicon Dioxide


Product: Activated Silicon Dioxide

Appearance: White to off-white fine granular powder

Description: Fine granular activated silicon dioxide for taste harmonization of  distilled spirits - has a polishing effect on the flavour and aroma of spirits or distilled alcohol previously treated with activated carbon.
Can also be applied during fermentation to help reduce the level of fermentation congeners that cause off-flavours or aromas.

Characteristics: Pore size optimized for the removal of larger molecular Weight off- flavour/aroma causing impurities remaining after treatment with activated carbon.

Application: For taste harmonization of distilled alcoholic spirits.
Can also be applied during fermentation to help remove or  reduce fermentation off-flavours.

Suggested Dosage:  0.75 kg per 1000L for use with distilled alcohol or during fermentation of alcobase.

Ingredient Declaration:
Activated silicon dioxide

Instructions for use: Add directly to the distilled alcohol spirit to be treated and agitate intermittently during contact time.
An average contact period of 2 days is recommended but optimum contact time can be determined by laboratory trials.
For optimum performance is it essential to dilute alcohol to 50% by volume prior to treatment.
If used during fermentation, add directly to liquid at start and leave in contact throughout fermentation, eemove with sediment when racking.

General Safety Information:  Non-hazardous.
This information is only an indication of the main hazard(s) concerning this material.
A material safety data sheet is available upon request.

Shelf Life / Storage:  Store in sealed packaging in a dry well-aerated area  free from off- odours.
If stored correctly, this material will have an unlimited shelf life.

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