Sterile Yeast Strain

Pure Sterile Cultured Special Yeast Strain

This strain of yeast used is cultured especially for distillation application, and not a bakers yeast. Furthermore, the strain is grown under sterile conditions to ensure the absence of bacteria, which could otherwise influence quality of alcohol produced and the percentage yield from sugar. Pure, bacteria-free yeast also keeps down the volatile production.

The fermented mash is as pure as it can be, and is used as a base for an alcoholic drink of strengths of 14-17% alcohol. The yeast strain is natural and not genetically manipulated.

Much other yeast is a byproduct (deposit) of fermentation and therefore not bacteria free.

Pathogenic information

The proper name for the organism is Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

Each yeast batch is tested, among other things, for microbial purity.

Microbiological analysis is determined when dried yeast is added at a rate of 100 grams per hectoliter. This typically produces 10 millions viable cells per ml of liquid.

For the determination of Pathogenic micro-organisms: We test for Salmonella to ensure absence from a 25-gram sample, and we test for S. Aureus, to ensure less than 0.01 per ml.

We also test for total bacteria (below 5 / ml), total coliforms (below 0.1 / ml), Acetic bacteria, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus (all three are below 1 / ml). We also test for wild yeast non Saccharomyces and confirm less than 1 per ml.

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