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Alcobase for Carbonated Alcoholic Beverages

Do you produce carbonated alcoholic soft drinks, like refreshing Coolers, cream liqueurs, rdt - ready to drink drinks, other fermented alcoholiv beverages or Breezers? If so, why not ferment your own Alco base?

Our 3 specially formulated Turbo yeast ferments so purely that the mash can be used as a alcoholic base for carbonated beverages. How? It's easy. Mix sugar and water, add Turbo yeast, and ferment your own alcoholic base within days, depending on the percentage of alcohol you are aiming for.

There are many advantages. The whole distilling process is bypassed, reducing costs (and often even taxes). The naturally fermented light "wine character" adds complexity and quality to your product. And doing this gives the product more meaning: you have produced everything, including the alcohol, at your company facility.

For more information please visit - the alco base site.

After fermentation the alco base has to be cleared with Chitosan, centrifuged, and filtered before use. Some clients also use activated carbon in the clearing.

Contact us to discover what you need--besides a tank and the Turbo yeast--to create a batch of nicely fermented alcohol base for carbonated beverages.


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