Small scale car alcohol

Distill car fuel ethanol for your own use

Do you ferment mash and distill your own alcohol as fuel for your car? If so, you're contributing to environmental well-being.

Small amounts of fuel alcohol can be fermented from various feed stocks. Whatever feed stock you now use, and ferment with Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast will improve your fermentation! Whatever pH you currently ferment in, Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast will ferment to and it have it´s general best performance between pH 4 and 5.5.

First, fermentation stops its getting stuck by overheating in summertime. Also, you get more alcohol from the same mash. And, as if this isn't enough, you can also ferment to 17% or more, while other yeast dies at 12%.

All fermentation problems disappear with Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast. Our yeast is recommended by Robert Warren. Highly respected worldwide, he has 27 years of knowledge in the field, and invented a great still (he sells the blueprints).

Price and dosage

Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast costs more than ordinary yeast and yields powerful results. The yeast is used in two types of mash:

1. Sugar mash from sucrose or other sugars. Here the normal dosage applies, since there are no nutrients in such mash. Without nutrients the yeast will stop working and the fermentation stops too early. Because of the unique nutrients and yeast strain in Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast, fermentation will be a lot faster, stronger, and purer. Less work and less energy for distillation.
2. All other mash from corn, molasses, grain, potato waste - almost everything: this kind of mash normally has some nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc.

Yeast can be used in two ways. The best is to use half dosage. This reduces yeast cost by half, as well as giving an increase of sugar content in the mash to produce 17% alcohol. There will be more alcohol produced from the same amount of sugar. Less work, less water used, less energy for distillation: all this more than pays for the cost of the yeast. Using Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast as sachets, the dosage will be one sachet for 50 liters of mash.

The second best way is to make a propagation batch. Use one sachet and ferment 25 liters of mash for 24 hours. While still fermenting, use this batch as yeast for 200 liters (50-55 US gallons) of mash. Add 400 grams urea as nitrogen nutrient per 100 gallons of mash. This way, one sachet ferments 225 liters of mash.

Never, never re-propagate over and over; you end up with a bacterial disaster. Propagate once and harvest the benefits of this unique yeast.

You can order 6-pack sachets and 19-pack sachets of Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast by clicking here for reduced freight costs. For larger orders, you can order 50 packs from in Sweden or from in the U.S. Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast is sold for fermentation of potable alcohol under the name Black Label Turbo Yeast - this is the same yeast in 90-gram consumer packaging.

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