Non-Turbo Yeast

Plain Temperature Tolerant Yeast Strain - Non-Turbo Yeast

Do you prefer to purchase dry yeast rather than Turbo yeast? We also supply this great yeast strain plain, as a dry yeast only. It is packed in 10 kg alu foil sacks and has a shelf life of two years in 25°C. If you currently use dried yeast, this is the easiest way to change yeasts. This strain has the following advantages: * Faster fermentation - higher production with the same production costs, as you can ferment at higher temperatures, and the strain is fast from the start. We also support our customers with free optimization info. * This sterile strain ensures clean fermentation when converting available sugar to alcohol. * The Temperature Tolerant strain ferments 17% alcohol up to 38°C and 14% alcohol up to 40-41°C. No stuck fermentations. * High alcohol tolerance, easily ferments 17% in corn mash. * High solids tolerance. Ferments thicker mash and saves in mashing energy and cost, water, cleaning, energy for the column, increases capacity and profit, gets volume discounts. Saves energy in the column and reduces total production costs. * Ferments sugar, corn, molasses, barley, wheat, potato waste, etc. * Extremely stress tolerant. Tolerates more mis-handling, infections, chemicals etc. than most yeasts.

What is Turbo Charging?

Turbo Charging is an activation. By giving the yeast the perfect nutrients so it get all it needs, it performs at top levels. A world class body builder must carefully select his food so he gets all required nutrition including vitamins and minerals or he has no chance to be the world champion. The same is true with yeast: you can take a super yeast strain like ours, and if it does not get the right nutrition, it cannot perform. A human that needs salt at least has the body to help him; he will get "hungry" for something salty and will get it. The yeast in mash has no choice. It cannot survive from sugar alone. You must provide the nutrients or the yeast will perform poorly, ferment slowly, produce unwanted by-products, and die before fermentation is finished. Nutrients can be divided into two parts: 1. Volume nutrients like urea that provide nitrogen etc. 2. Vitamins and minerals. Sugar mash from sucrose, glucose, fructose or other fermentable sugars contain no nutrients at all. Here Turbo Charged yeast is the very best choice. In all other mashes there are certain levels of vitamins and minerals from the feed stock. Like from corn, molasses, fruits, wheat, barley etc. For those mashes, plain yeast can be used. To start with, just set up a test with our strain (order with low freight cost at versus your current strain at 35°C temperature. Then compare. For your fermentation, check that it has nitrogen enough to ferment to dryness or nitrogen enough for high speed fermentation. To reach dryness at 18% alcohol (but slow fermentation) the mash needs 0.23 gram nitrogen per liter (same as 0.5 gram urea) and for high-speed fermentation it needs 0.46 gram nitrogen per liter (same as 1 gram urea). Before adding nitrogen, check to see how much nitrogen there is in the mash naturally and only add what is missing. Micro nutrients are vitamins and minerals. If they are not there, nitrogen alone cannot speed fermentation, and more by-products are produced. We supply micro nutrients. Dosage is 0.17 gram per liter to reach 18% in a pure sucrose mash. To check if micro nutrients are needed, just set up two identical fermentations - one with 0.17 gram added per liter and one with no micro nutrients added. Then compare. If the performance is the same, no additional micro nutrients are needed. If micro nutrients benefit fermentation, your next step is to set up samples to find how little is needed, as there are vitamins and minerals in the mash already. Probably between 0.04 to 0.1 gram per liter will be needed.

Why Choose us as suppliers?

Because our Turbo Yeast has outperformed ordinary distillery yeast in distilleries for years, you now see "new inventions" like "Thermo-Fermo" and more, from 2003. We have supplied Temperature Tolerant, osmo tolerant, high alcohol tolerant yeast since 1996... Try our yeast and compare with any competitor.

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