Propagation Booster

Propagation Booster

Do you make a propagation (pre-fermentation) and use it as yeast in fermentation? Some people have done this over and over and the yeast got weaker and weaker until it did not function anymore.

Re-propagation costs more than it saves in yeast cost, but we shall not discuss this here.

Top perfomance yeast cell

Let's discuss how the re-propagation procedure can be improved. By giving the yeast the perfect nutrients, so it gets all it needs, it performs at top levels. A world-class body builder must carefully select his food so he gets all required nutrition, including vitamins and minerals. If he doesn't select carefully, he has no chance to be the world champion.

The same is true with yeast: if it does not get the right nutrition, it cannot perform.You must provide the nutrients, or the yeast will perform poorly, ferment slowly, produce unwanted by-products, and die before fermentation is finished.

Propagation Booster contains all the vitamins and minerals (you have to add nitrogen as usual) that are needed by the yeast. This ensures maximum growth and production of strong and vital yeast cells in propagation.

You can test the results in a laboratory: we are happy to send you a sample to test.

The re-propagation cannot go on forever but as long as you do it, you will get more and stronger yeast cells than if you do not use propagation nutrients. We advise against re-propagation--but if you do it, Propagation Booster will improve it.

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