Oak Chips

Oak Chips

Product Name: Oak chips

Product Code: 02MIS001STR

Description: Granulated American white oak heartwood (Quercus Alba). Gives texture and maturity to all styles of wine. Also enhances the natural flavour and aroma characteristics of the grape or fruit.

Offers precise control and uniform distribution of optimum oak characteristics.

Application: Suitable for use with all styles of wine.

Instruction for Use: Add to must prior to addition of yeast, and stir.

Ingredient Declaration: Oak chips.

Suggested dosage: 400 g per 1000 liters for white wine, blush or rose, 1200 g per 1000 liters for red wines and 250 g per 1000 liters for sparkling wines.

Safety Data: Do not breathe dust.

Packaging: 10 kilo sacks.

Shelf Life / Storage: The oak chips are dried to typically 15% moisture and will remain stable for many years in a cool, dark place.

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