White and Blush Wine Yeast

White and Blush Wine Yeast

Product Name: White wine yeast

Product Code: STR02YST004

Description: A Saccaromyces Bayanus strain suitable for any white or blush. This strain produces clean, fresh and crisp wines and due to its neutral flavour and aroma contributions always respects the individual character of the grape or fruit.

Rapid fermentation speed.
Ferments over a wide temperature range (7-35°C).
Low production of foam and volatile acids.
High SO2 tolerance.
Neutral flavour and aroma contributions.

Application: For fermentation of all styles of white wine or blush. Can also be used for re-starting stuck fermentations.
Instruction For Use: Sprinkle onto surface of must and let stand for 15 minutes before stirring.
Ingredient Declaration: Yeast.
Suggested dosage: 100 g per 1000 liters of must if our General Wine Nutrients are used, else 200 g.

Nutrients needed:
General Wine nutrients. To ensure 100% proper function, do not use nutrients from other suppliers.

Safety data: Do not breathe dust.

Packaging: 10 kg bags.

Shelf Life / Storage: Store in its original packaging below 25°C.

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