Micro Nutrients

Micro Nutrients

Yeast must have certain important nutrients or it gets stressed and produces a lot of unwanted by-products--or it gets stuck and ferments too slowly, etc. Without sufficient Micro nutrients you cannot optimize fermentation speed.

If you have sporadic fermentation problems, Micro nutrients will act as insurance. When needed, they are there and provide the yeast with the minerals/vitamins/trace minerals that are missing in that particular mash. Or they provide the extra nutrients when the yeast would have been stressed by other factors. Customers using Micro nutrients have totally gotten rid of such problems.

By using micro nutrients in pre fermentation the yeast cells grow to be extremely strong and healthy. There fore, the yeast perform better in fermentor, giving a better fermentation that complete to dryness. On top of this, it often happen that one get 0.2-0.8% stronger mash because yeast is strong enough to ferment to lower dryness.

If you prefer using the Temperature Tolerant Yeast strain plain, as dry yeast, or your own yeast strain, you need micro nutrients. Set up a test with and without micro nutrients and you will know if they benefit your fermentation. As simple as that.

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Micro nutrients are the parts of the yeast nutrients that contain the vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals--in contrast to the macro nutrients that provide nitrogen, etc. Macro nutrients are well known, are regularly used in distilleries, and supplied locally.

The Micro nutrients factor is the most challenging part. When we produced the first Turbo yeast some twenty years ago, it was made for home distillers planning on fermenting household sugar: sucrose. There are no nutrients in sucrose, in contrast to mash made from corn, molasses, barley, wheat, etc. Moreover, home stills are not as sophisticated as commercials stills. They allowed a lot more fusel to follow the alcohol in distillation, so we aimed for a much cleaner mash. In addition, home distillers wanted strong mash: they didn't like having to distill so many batches.


Today a home distiller can go to our consumer info site at www.amazingstill.com for instructions on how to build a still that does not require a stove or cooling water - not even boiling - and yet it produces purer alcohol then most hobby column stills. And we show them how to build this still from 2 wine brewer plastic buckets in 15 minutes. For this still we have created a special Turbo yeast that ferments so pure that it exceeds purity of all other Turbos. If started at 35-40°C it ferments pure sucrose mash to 14.5% in 24 hours.

Available products, like yeast extract, etc., did not work well.

Today's Turbo yeast and Micro nutrients come from years and years of work. The yeast strains used are outstanding. They are bacteria free and designed to produce as few volatiles as possible. Turbo yeast is a mixture of selected yeast strains, Macro nutrients, and Micro nutrients that can ferment pure sugar or mash up to 17-21% in one step, without sugar feeding.

Micro nutrients are a mixture of the optimum dosage of each single vitamin, mineral, and trace mineral, based on many years of work and combination testing. Because it is based on each ingredient, mixed one at a time, it provides a better fermentation and much purer fermentation than competing products based on yeast extract or similar nutrient-rich ingredients. With those, there are a lot of "extras" within, and each ingredient dosage is not optimized. Also, some ingredients can be missed: we use several ingredients that are not mentioned in common literature.

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