Propagation Booster

Propagation Booster

Product Name: Propagation Booster

Product Code: 02X2TRA001STR

Packaging: 25 kg in sacks. Also in 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg.

Appearance: White powder.

Relative Density: 0.56-0.78 g/ml

Description: A complex blend of pure food-grade trace vitamins and minerals.

Contains all trace vitamins and minerals required for excellent growth and production of strong and vital yeast cells in propagations.

Application: To ensure best possible propagation.

Suggested Dosage: 0.17 gram per liter (when used in vitamin and mineral rich mash dosage can be decreased to 0.1 gram per liter mash).

Ingredient Declaration: Trace vitamins, trace minerals.
Does not contain any genetically modified material.

Regulatory Information: Conforms to EC regulations regarding processing aids.

Instructions for use: Dissolve Propagation Booster in 10 times its weight of warm water (30-40°C). Mix well to dissolve and add to propagation media (minimum 5 minutes mixing time).

Safety Data: Non-hazardous (safety data sheet available upon request).

Shelf Life / Storage: 2 years stored in a cool dark place.


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