Faster Fermentation

Faster Fermentation

If you want to increase your fermentation speed, please contact us. We will help you speed up your fermentation by showing you how to optimize micro nutrients, macro nutrients, yeast, temperature etc., first in your laboratory and then in a full-scale test.

Some simple email contact and laboratory tests quickly reveal how much we can speed up your fermentation.

Even if you are on the edge of fermentation speed, you might be suprised.

Speed up Fermentation and Increase Profit

Production increases the faster you ferment. What will 10% more sales do for your company? You already pay the costs for plant/distillery and staff. After feedstock, etc., is paid, your additional sales will probably provide pure profit. And if production is doubled? Same effect as if you get one more distillery, with staff and everything, to use for free.

There are three main ways to speed fermentation:

* Use Turbo Charged Yeast (Turbo Yeast)

* Ferment at higher temperature (Turbo Yeast is temperature tolerant)

* Optimize micro- and macro nutrients, procedures and pH.

And you can ferment stronger, to 16-17%.

On top of this, add these savings:

* Ferment to 17% with same amount of nutrients that you normally use to 11%, as well as in enzymes.
* Ferment to 16-17% instead of 11% and save much in washing and waste water.
* Ferment to 16-17% instead of 11% and save much in energy for column
and mashing - as well as cooling costs.
* Increase production and get discounts on feedstock, ingredients, freight, energy and more.


Improvment in fermentation can help you make your business the best ever. Maybe you grow your own yeast today and calculate that it is "free"; and you do not use yeast nutrients, calculating this as great savings. Re-calculate. For the cost of Turbo yeast, a product you can propagate only once, and nutrient optimization, your bottom line can increase a great deal.

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